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Version: 2.2

Topic Tree

The topic tree allows you to monitor topics that are used on the broker.

Topic tree data

The topic tree updates in real-time and shows the following information:

  • topic hierarchy
  • number of sub topics (first number)
  • number of messages in a sub tree (second number)


Topic details

If you select a node from the topic tree, some more details are displayed in the section on the right:

  • Name: the name of the (sub) topic
  • Topic: the whole topic
  • Created: time and date when the topic was created (i.e., when the first message was send to this topic)
  • QoS: the Quality of Service
  • Retain: whether the message is retained or not
  • Sub topics: number of sub topics
  • Total messages: number of messages received at this topic
  • Payload: the payload of the last message received at this topic