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Version: Streamsheets 2.3


Eclipse Streamsheets are a new spreadsheet technology specifically designed for the challenges and opportunities of digitization and the Industrial IoT.

With Streamsheets you make your data immediately understandable and create IoT applications visually and interactively - without a single line of code. This way also end-user are empowered to model individual solutions and company-specific process logics.

They serve as an orchestration tool to connect digital "things" ranging from sensors to enterprise software, apps and websites, to direct data streams and to define both simple as well as very complex process logics.

This help serves initially as a tutorial to guide you through the first steps to define and use Streamsheets and to get an understanding, what you can do with Streamsheets and how you do it. This help is also intended as a reference to explain the different aspects and features of the application in detail. It supports you during the development of Streamsheets by providing specific information for the tasks, that need to be accomplished.

If you are new to Streamsheets, you should start with the introduction guide to get a quick overview of the core concept. Once this is clear, we provide tutorials for the most common tasks in defining a Streamsheet process.

Streamsheets is an open source project. Check out our Git_ GitHub and leave us a star! 😊 More information about us on our website or check out the Streamsheets Forum.