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Version: Streamsheets 3.0

Quick Overview

Eclipse Streamsheets are server-based spreadsheets that consume, produce, process and forward data streams. Data streams can originate from many sources, e.g. sensors, machines, websites, databases, applications, and many more. How incoming data streams are processed, analyzed, visualized, and combined, as well as which outgoing data streams are produced, is modeled entirely with spreadsheet formulas and especially without a single line of program code.

An important characteristic of Streamsheets is that sheets are recalculated automatically based on one of the multiple possible triggers (e.g. every time a new message arrives or in set intervals small as a few milliseconds). This can be configured in the Inbox settings of each sheet. Consequently, conditions and formulas are considered continuously and based on these triggers, decisions are taken and visualizations are updated dynamically. This way new information is processed in real-time.


Streamsheets allow you to send, publish, store or provide data, hence, they not only consume data streams but produce them as well. Multiple worksheets form part of a workbook, multiple Streamsheets run in one application. There is no difference to other spreadsheets software. Find out more in the main components section section.