Sends either arbitrary JSON data or a message from the outbox to specified Producer. Usually this function is used to respond to a previously received request-message. You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=HTTP.RESPOND(Consumer, RequestId, Body, [StatusCode, Headers])


Name Description
Consumer Name of the Consumer to use for sending respond.
RequestId The requestId as provided by a previously received request-message
Body Data to send as response.
StatusCode Optional. Defaults to 200. HTTP status code of the response.
Headers Optional. Headers of the response.

Return Value

TRUE on success or error code otherwise.


We assume that a request-message was received and that it provides a requestId which we store to cell B1 by using the READ function as follows: READ(INBOXMETADATA(,,"requestId"), B1, "String")

Function Result Comment
=HTTP.RESPOND(“Rest”, B1, DICTIONARY(A3:C5)) TRUE Sends the JSON data provided by the dictionary function to the Consumer named Rest using the requestId in B1

=HTTP.RESPOND(“Rest”, B1, “Not Found”, 404,A2:B2)

TRUE Responds to the request corresponding to requestId with the body “Not Found”, status code “404” and the header “Content-Type: text/plain”.