Creates a JSON key from the given values or range to retrieve data from within a message. This function is normally used in the READ function. INBOXDATA retrieves values from the Data section of a message.


=INBOXDATA(Streamsheet, Message, ValuesOrRange)


Name Description
Streamsheet Define the Streamsheet to retrieve Inbox data from.
Message Message to retrieve data from. If left empty, the current message in the inbox is used.
ValuesOrRange A list of values or a range of cells describing the path to the element path within a JSON structure.

Return Value

A string key to provide a path within a message.


Function Result Comment
=INBOXDATA(,, “Customer”, “Name”) [P1][][Customer][Name] Returns an identifier that can be used in other Streamsheet functions like READ. As Streamsheet and Message are left empty, the current Streamsheet and inbox Message is used.
=INBOXDATA(,, B1:B2) [P1][][Customer][Name] Here the values within the cell range B1:B2 (“Customer”, “Name”) will be used to concatenate the JSON path.
=READ(INBOXDATA(,, “Customer”, “Name”), C7, “String”) Name The READ function return the last part of the JSON Path. The value of the Message at the given Path will be pushed into cell C7.