A Streamsheet has the possibility to process, generate and accumulate data. Before sending this data, the cells from a data range have to be structured, in order for a Stream Machine to interpret them correctly. JSON() is paring two columns together to a key and value pair using the JSON Syntax. This function is mostly used within publish functions like:MQTT.PUBLISH.




Name Description
DataRange A data range over at least two columns, only interpreting the first and last column into the JSON Object.

Return Value

[object Object] or {JSON Object}, if successful.


Function Result Comment
=JSON(B6:C8) { JSON Object }} This is the representation of a cell filled with a JSON Object.
=FEEDINBOX(B11,”S1”) with B11 JSON(B6:C8) In Streamsheet S1 the Inbox will be filled with the JSON gathered by B11 JSON