star This is a Streamsheets Professional feature.

Allows KSQL commands to be used. You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=KAFKA.COMMAND(Producer, Command, Target [, Timeout])


Name Description
Producer Producer to use.
Command Any command allowed in KSQL table.
Target Target to show the result of the command operation. Can be either INBOX(), OUTBOX() or a cell range.
Timeout Optional. The time to wait for an answer. When left empty a 20 second timeout is being used.

Return Value

TRUE, if successful.


Function Result Comment
=KAFKA.COMMAND(“Kafka Producer”, “CREATE TABLE ksqltable201 (random BIGINT, type VARCHAR) WITH (kafka_topic=’cedalo’, value_format=’JSON’, key = ‘random’)”, INBOX()) TRUE A KSQL table will be created with the name ksqltable201.