Publishes either a message or an arbitrary value using a specified Producer and topic. To reference a message from the outbox use the OUTBOX function and to reference a message from the Inbox use INBOX. You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=MQTT.PUBLISH(Producer, MessageOrValue, Topic [, QoS, User Properties])


Name Description
Producer Producer to use for publishing.
MessageOrValue Either an existing message from the outbox or a value to publish.
Topic Topic that is appended to the base topic defined in the Connector.
QoS Optional. Quality of Service. This option defines the reliability of the publish operation. It depends on the used protocol.
User Properties Optional. Define Metadata.

Return Value

TRUE, if successful.


All examples assume a base topic with the value “/cedalo” in the connector.

Function Result Comment
=MQTT.PUBLISH(“MQTT Producer”, “Message”, “test”) TRUE This publishes the string value “Message” using the “MQTT Producer” under the topic “cedalo/test”
=MQTT.PUBLISH(“MQTT Producer”, OUTBOX(“Message”), “test”) TRUE This publishes the outbox message with id “Message” using the “MQTT Producer” and topic “cedalo/test”
=MQTT.PUBLISH(“MQTT Producer”, JSON(A1:C2), “test”) TRUE This publishes a JSON object created by the json function using the “MQTT Producer” and topic “cedalo/test”