Extracts a sub tree from the current message.


=SUBTREE(TopElement[, IncludeElementKey])


Name Description
TopElement Path to the parent element from where to extract the sub tree.
IncludeElementKey Optional flag which indicates if key of requested element should be included. Default is FALSE.

Return Value

The return value contains the JSON Object and is only usable within other functions. See sample below.


Function Result Comment
Kundenname Excerpts the items below “Kundenname” from the Inbox and copies them to a message in the outbox. All child elements are copied as well.
=SUBTREE(INBOXDATA(,,”Kundenname”), TRUE) { “Kundenname”: {content of element Kundenname} } Extracts items below “Kundenname” from the inbox and retuns a JSON object with “Kundenname” property which contains those items.