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Reads a value from an OPC UA Server.You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=OPCUA.READ(Producer, Node, Target[,ResultKeys, Timeout])


ProducerProducer to use for publishing.
NodePath of the node to read or node id.
TargetTarget of the result of the write operation. Can be either INBOX(), OUTBOX("MsgID") or a cell range.
ResultKeysOptional. Limit the result to the specified JSON Keys.
TimeoutOptional. The time to wait for an answer. When left empty a 20 second timeout is being used.

Return Value

The function OPCUA.READ always returns a unique random request ID, which can be used with requestinfo to check the state of the request.


=OPCUA.READ("OPCUA Producer", "/Objects/1:Machines/1:H1mrblX0X/name",INBOX())The request IDThis reads the name of the machine with the id "H1mrblX0X" and places the result into the inbox.