star This is a Streamsheets Premium feature.

Performs a STORE query on your Timescale database.


As of right now, the timescale functions work with the internal timescaledb. Leave the Producer parameter empty and the connection is setup. We are working on allowing further timescale connections.


=TIMESCALE.INSERT(Stream, TableName, ValuesJSON [,TableSchemaJSON])


StreamStream to use for querying. The database name is configured in the affiliated Connector.
TableNameName of the table to store values to. Note: its fully qualified name will be written to target range, if provided.
ValuesJSONA JSON with key/value pairs to store.
TableSchemaJSONOptional. The timescale enforces the usage of a schema. If the used table is not already created, enter a JSON Range with a schema. Now for every new table the specifed schema is setup. Supported schema values can be NUMERIC, TEXT, TIMESTAMP,, TIMESTAMPTZ, DATE, INTEGER etc.

Return Value

TRUE, if successful.


=TIMESCALE.INSERT("Producer", "measures", { v1: "hello" })TRUEStores "hello" under v1 in the "measures" table.