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Several plugins are currently available:

Changing the default configuration is possible within the config file of the management center. Open your installer folder and open the sub folders "management-center" and "config" to find the "config.json" file.

There are four categories within the file:

  • connections
  • tools
  • plugins
  • themes

Plugins can be turned of and on iin the Plugins section of the "config.json" file.

"plugins": [
"name": "connections-rest-api"
"name": "custom-themes"
"name": "multiple-connections"
"name": "system-status-rest-api"
"name": "topictree-rest-api"
} ]

plugins in the config file

image overview of the plugins in the mmc

Custom Themes#

With this plugin you can define a custom theme for the Management Center, including a custom logo. You find the settings for your themes in the "config.json" file under "themes".

It looks a little like this:

"themes": [
"id": "custom",
"name": "Cedalo AG",
"light": {
"logo": { }}}]

Exchange current wordings, logos, colors by replacing the default values. The image files for the logo are encoded in base64.


An easy way to encode your own images is via base64 image.


With this plugin you can access several components of the Management Center via REST API, e.g., the topic tree information.

Topic tree information:

GET {base-url}/api/system/topictree
DELETE {base-url}/api/system/topictree

Broker Status:

GET {base-url}/api/connections
GET {base-url}/api/system/status

Multiple Broker Connections#

With this plugin you can connect multiple instances of Eclipse Mosquitto to the Management Center. You find the set connections in the "config.json" file under "connections".

"connections": [
"id": "mosquitto-2-preview-1",
"name": "Mosquitto 2.0 Instance 1",
"url": "mqtt://mosquitto:1883",
"credentials": {}}]

Change the default setup or add further connnections to your management center. These will be accessible over a drop down menu in the UI.