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Topic Tree

The topic tree allows you to monitor topics that are used on the broker.


To enable topic tree, go to the Settings tab of the Managemtn Center UI and activate a respective switch there.

Topic tree data

The topic tree updates in real-time and shows the following information:

  • topic hierarchy
  • number of sub topics (first number)
  • number of messages in a sub tree (second number)


Topic details

If you select a node from the topic tree, some more details are displayed in the section on the right:

  • Name: the name of the (sub) topic
  • Topic: the whole topic
  • Created: time and date when the topic was created (i.e., when the first message was send to this topic)
  • QoS: the Quality of Service
  • Retain: whether the message is retained or not
  • Sub topics: number of sub topics
  • Total messages: number of messages received at this topic
  • Payload: the payload of the last message received at this topic

If you have Topic Tree REST API enabled a red button for clearing the topic tree will appear in the top right corner of the Topic Tree Page.