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Version: Mosquitto 2.5

Mosquitto MQTT Compliance

As Cedalo is sponsoring the development of the Eclipse Mosquitto Broker.

From December 10th, 2020 there are several releases published. The development is ongoing.

Read more about supported MQTT versions.

MQTT is a broker architecture, making use of the pub/sub model. Find out more.

Read more about MQTT: Here. And here.

The Mosquitto MQTT is MQTT compliant, of course.

The Eclipse Foundation. And history of the MQTT Broker.

Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Eclipse open source community and its projects. The foundation also coordinates all complementary products and services, which are also referred to as the ecosystem in internal parlance.

The protocol was developed in 1999 by IBM. The protocol was originally developed to enable data transfer from simple devices to SCADA systems via satellite communication.