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Version: Mosquitto 2.5

System Requirements


Hardware requirements for Eclipse Mosquitto can vary depending on the client connections and message rates expected. The minimum specification below is for a low power device supporting 10s of clients with a low message rate. The recommended specification is for a device capable of supporting 10,000s of clients with reasonable message rates. The "with stream processing" specification includes extra RAM and storage for stream processing support.

MinimumRecommendedRecommended (with stream processing)Comment
CPU1 core 32-bit ARMRecent 4+ core AMD/IntelRecent 4+ core AMD/Intel


This section describes the software requirements for Mosquitto as well as the ports that need to be available.

Operating Systems

Eclipse Mosquitto is available natively on Linux, Windows, and other Unix-like systems, and through Docker.

On Windows, a Docker installation gives the best performance.


The minimum Docker version is 19.03.

Docker Compose

The minimum Docker Compose version is 3.8.


The table below lists the network services and ports exposed by Mosquitto. All ports listed are the default ports and can be disabled or configured to run on different ports. It is recommended that only encrypted connections are used.

1883Unencrypted MQTT port
8883Encrypted MQTT port
443Encrypted MQTT port over WebSockets