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Version: Mosquitto 2.9



You can define different users to give access to the Management Center. The users can acquire rights by having a role that you need to assign to a user. The users can be grouped to User Groups.


Users can only be accessed by users with an admin role. Please be aware that User Management is part of the Premium License and has to be enabled. For more infos check Enable User Management section below.

You can configure different users for the Management Center and assign roles like described below to the user:

  • Admin: Full rights to the Management Center, e.g., to access the user management
  • Editor: Editing rights, e.g., to create new broker connections
  • Viewer: Limited rights, e.g., to view the dashboard, the topic tree, and clients inspect page
  • Connection Manager: Rights only to the Connections REST API. Can create and delete connections. In terms of UI it can see the systopic (main overview page) and a topic tree.
  • Monitoring Viewer: Rights to view only the Monitoring REST API. In terms of UI it can see the systopic (main overview page) and a topic tree.

Assigning these roles you can grant or deny access to Management Features.

User Overview

The user overview lists all defined users:

The table contains the two following fields:

  • Name defines the user name. This has to be unique.
  • Role allows to select roles from the predefined rolos

Create users

Click on the Button "New User" to create a new user and the following page will open:

Fill out the form and click on "Save" to create the new user.

The new user should show up in the overview list after confirming your entries.

Edit users

Click on a user row to activate open user edit page and click on the 'Edit' button to be able to make changes. After that you can edit the password of the user and add or remove roles. To apply the changes to the user click the "Save" button.

Delete users

To delete a user click on the trash icon next to the user that you want to delete. Confirm the following confirmation dialog and the user will be deleted from the system.

Enable User Management

To enable the User Management feature, make sure you are using the Pro Edition of Mosquitto and that you have the feature enabled in your license. Also, ensure that your config file (specified with CEDALO_MC_PROXY_CONFIG environmental variable or by default saved in management-center/config/config.json) contains the following entry inside the plugins array:

"name": "user-management"

On start-up, the Management Center will print a message that the user-management plugin is enabled and loaded into the console:

Loaded plugin: "cedalo_user_management" (Cedalo User Management)