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Version: Mosquitto 2.8


The Home or Dashboard screen displays metrics and information for the connected broker instance. This includes information about the broker and publication traffic, client infos as well as general broker and license infos.

The following sections provide information about the selected broker. The first sections display values that the broker sends regularly using system topics. These topics are also listed here.

Broker Traffic

The broker traffic section displays the overall traffic since the broker was started.

NameDescriptionSystem Topic
Messages SentThe total number of messages of any type sent since the broker started.$SYS/broker/messages/sent
Messages ReceivedThe total number of messages of any type received since the broker started.$SYS/broker/messages/received
Messages StoredThe number of messages currently held in the message store. This includes retained messages and messages queued for durable clients.$SYS/broker/store/messages/count
Messages RetainedThe total number of retained messages active on the broker.$SYS/broker/retained messages/count
Bytes SentThe total number of bytes received since the broker started.$SYS/broker/bytes/sent
Bytes ReceivedThe total number of bytes sent since the broker started.$SYS/broker/bytes/received


The Publish section displays traffic generated from publishing messages.

NameDescriptionSystem Topic
Messages SentThe total number of publish messages sent since the broker started.$SYS/broker/publish/messages/sent
Messages ReceivedThe total number of publish messages received since the broker started.$SYS/broker/publish/messages/received
Bytes SentThe total number of publish bytes received since the broker started.$SYS/broker/publish/bytes/sent
Bytes ReceivedThe total number of publish bytes sent since the broker started.$SYS/broker/publish/bytes/received


The Clients section displays infos about client that communicated with the broker and about subscriptions.

NameDescriptionSystem Topic
TotalThe total number of active and inactive clients currently connected and registered on the broker.$SYS/broker/clients/total
ConnectedThe number of currently connected clients.$SYS/broker/clients/connected
SubscriptionsThe total number of subscriptions active on the broker.$SYS/broker/subscriptions/count

Client Usage

The Client Usage displays in a gauge chart, how many clients are currently connected in relation to the allowed amount of connected clients covered by the license. The connected clients are retrieved from the system topic and the allowed clients from the license.


The license section displays various infos about the current license. If this section or some parts of it are empty, your current license is not available or outdated.

  • Edition is either "Premium" or "Trial".
  • The Maximum Clients defines the number of maximum simultaneously connected clients allowed, depending on your license type.
  • Issued by describes the origin of the license.
  • Issued to the license the customer identification,
  • Valid Since shows the date, the license was created.
  • Valid Until shows the date, the current license period ends and the license expires.

Broker Info

The broker info shows the following infos from system topics:

NameDescriptionSystem Topic
UptimeThe ellapsed time since the broker was started.$SYS/broker/uptime
VersionThe version of the broker instance, you are connected to$SYS/broker/version

In addition, the broker URL and current open ports are displayed below the status topics above.