Release Notes

We will never stop improving our Streamsheets. Stay up to date with our release notes.


(released Januar 20, 2020)

+ Professional: Implemented further Pro features
+ Performance: Performance improvements Server/Client side
+ User Management: started rework of user administration
+ Docker: Streamsheets now runs in only one docker container.
+ Sample Machines: Added two sample machines
+ Bug fixes
+ Mosquitto Broker: Added randomly generated password. For more informations click here.
+ Database: We had some structural changes in the database. This is why we urge user, upgrading from version 1.3 or older, to download a databse dump in the administration menu and restore it in the 1.5.
+ Added Preview Mode
+ Functions: NA(); INDIRECT()
+ Shapes: Removed shapes from experimental mode; added further shapes
+ Charts: Added more chart settings


(released October 16, 2019)

+ We are now Open Source! Check out our Git-Hub Page (
+ Version control: We now distinguish between Professional and Open Source Features (
+ Raspberry PI: Release of the Raspberry Pi Version.
+ Performance: Performance improvements server side
+ Bug fixes
+ Shapes: Added Open Beta for dynamic shape feature. (Use Drawingfunctions and/or check the “Experimental Features” in the “Info” settings to activate the Shape Icon)
+ Functions: STDEV.S(); CORREL(); FORECAST(); added Method 7 to TIMEAGGREGATE()


(released July 12, 2019)

+ Performance: Performance improvements.
+ Bug fixes
+ Charts: Fixed Chart Bugs.
+ Documentation: Updated documentation and added tutorials.
+ Raspberry Pi Version: Open Beta
+ Events: Added mouse events for objects and shapes.
+ Shapes: Added shapes as a beta feature.


(released Jun 6, 2019)

+ Performance: Performance improvements.
+ Streams: Connectors aren`t able to work as Consumers anymore; added Client ID to Producer and Consumer (MQTT & Kafka)
+ New Functions: FRAC(); CODE(); CHAR(); CLEAN(); UNICODE(); UNICHAR()
+ Raspberry Pi: Pi image is available
+ Forum: Join our Streamsheet Forum `here`_
+ Function Helper: implemented a function helper
+ “None” Format: None means that in the color selection in the toolbar, in Fill and also in the selection of the line color, ‘without color’ is offered.


(released Apr 16, 2019)

+ Performance: Performance improvements.


(released Feb 11, 2019)

+ Performance: Performance improvements.
+ Authentification: Reworked authentification.
+ Names: Renamed “Datasources” to “Streams”, renamed “Feeder” to “Consumer”.
+ Charts: Added new features to the “Chart Wizard”.
UI Updates
+ Administration: Rework of the administration appearance and the “Streams” edit fields
+ Inbox: Added Consumer status indicator
+ Export/Import: New Export and Import UI


(released Dec 17, 2018)

+ Function Updates: TEXT() now has a new parameter “Locale”; all Feeder functions now match the pattern Technology.Action (e.g. MQTT.PUBLISH); RequestID now optional in REST.RESPOND()
+ New Technologies: KSQL; OPC UA; MONGO Database

UI Updates:
+ Chart Tool
+ Function Wizard
+ Minimize button for every sheet