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Version: Streamsheets 2.4


Define a graphical checkbox button on a given drawing.


=DRAW.CHECKBOX(X, Y, Width, Height, LineColor, FillColor, Angle, Label, Value)


XX Coordinate in 1/100th mm
YY Coordinate in 1/100th mm
WidthWidth in 1/100th mm
HeightHeight in 1/100th mm
LineColorOptional. Options:
- None for no line
- Hexadecimal color value (#FF0000 for Red)
FillColorOptional. Hexadecimal color value ("#FF0000" for Red)
AngleOptional. Angle in radians.
LabelLabel to display
ValueOptional. Current state of the button. TRUE for pushed and FALSE for released. If a cell reference is used, a value change from user interaction will be pushed into that cell.

Return Value

TRUE, if checkbox could be created.


=DRAW.CHECKBOX(5377,17106,4286,1217,,,,"Checkbox",A1)TRUEA checkbox with "Checkbox" as label. In A1 TRUE or FALSE is printed, depending on the state of the box.