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Version: Streamsheets 2.4


Define a graphical slider on a given drawing.


=DRAW.SLIDER(X,Y,Width,Height,lineColor,FillColor,AngleLabel,Value,Min,Max,Step,Marker,FormatRange,StartAngle,EndAngle, FormatRange)


XX Coordinate in 1/100th mm
YY Coordinate in 1/100th mm
WidthWidth in 1/100th mm
HeightHeight in 1/100th mm
LineColorOptional. Options:
- None for no line
- Hexadecimal color value (#FF0000 for Red)
FillColorOptional. - Hexadecimal color value ("#FF0000" for Red)
AngleOptional. Angle in radians.
LabelLabel to display
ValueOptional. Current state of the button. TRUE for pushed and FALSE for released. If a cell reference is used, a value change from user interaction will be pushed into that cell.
MinMinimum value displayed in the knob.
MaxMaximum value displayed in the knob.
StepStep to use for interaction while changing the knob value.
MarkerOptional. Marker style to indicate the current value. Allowed values are:
Default is a large circle.
FormatRangeOptional. Cell range to provide additional scale information. It must be a range with 3 columns. The values in the first column provides a scale value. The value in the second column provides a label, that is displayed instead of the scale value. This is optional. The value in the third column can provide a hexadecimal color value. This is used to color the scale between the last value and the current value in column one. This way you can define a colored scale indicating valid, invalid oder desired values ranges. See the sample below.

Return Value

TRUE, if slider could be created.


=DRAW.SLIDER(51800,20705,14314,6509,"#AAAAAA","#DDDDDD",,"Slider",A1,0,100,5,,D11:F13)TRUEDraw a slider with an interval from 0 to 100 and a step value of 5. As a format range is given, the slider scale will be colored and custom labels will be applied. The selected value will be pushed into cell A1.