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Version: Streamsheets 2.4


star This is a Streamsheets Enterprise feature.

Sends a response directly, i.e. without any Consumer, to an OPC UA service. The data to be send can be either arbitrary JSON data or a message from the outbox or inbox. Usually this function is used to respond to a previously received request-message.


A request-message must provide a requestId property within its Metadata object.


=OPCUA.RESPOND(requestId, MessageOrJSON)


requestIdThe requestId as provided by a previously received request-message
MessageOrJSONData to send as response.

Return Value

Color switch to blue on success. Otherwise to red with an error code.


We assume that a request-message was received and that it provides a requestId which we store to cell B1 by using the read function as follows: READ(INBOXMETADATA(,,"requestId"), B1, "String")

=OPCUA.RESPOND(B1, OUTBOX("Message"))TRUESends the message with id Message from the outbox to an OPCUA Service using the requestId in B1
=OPCUA.RESPOND(B1, DICTIONARY(A3:C5))TRUESends the JSON data provided by the Dictionary function to an OPCUA Service using the requestId in B1