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Version: Streamsheets 2.4


Triggers the recalculation of another Streamsheet. The executed Sheet will only be executed if Streamsheet settings of executed Sheet allow execution. Calculate Streamsheet "On Execute".


=EXECUTE(Streamsheet [, Repeat, JSON, Selector])


StreamsheetName of Streamsheet to trigger. (Put the name of the Streamsheet in quotes e.g. "S1")
RepeatOptional. Number of repetitions. If larger than 1 (Default), the execute function will be executed multiple times
JSONOptional. JSON to use as message data to process, when executing.
SelectorOptional. Selector to use when selecting a message from the inbox for processing.

Return Value

NOTE: if the execution of the triggered StreamSheet is stopped via the RETURN function, its result is returned instead.


=EXECUTE("S2")TRUETriggers the calculation of a second Streamsheet, called "S2".