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Version: Streamsheets 2.4


Returns a value from a JSON object. The value to return corresponds to the path specified by given keys. Please refer to JSON.RANGE for writing the complete data of a JSON object to the sheet.


=JSON.VALUE(JSON, Key1, Key2, ...)


JSONA JSON object to read value from.
Key1...KeyNA list of keys which build up a path within given JSON object.

Return Value

The value at specified path or an error if no JSON object is passed or path is invalid.

Example Below examples assumes following text in A1: {"Customer": {"Name": "Peter", "Kids": ["Paul", "Mary"]}}

=JSON.VALUE(JSON(A1),"Customer","Name")PeterValue at Customer.Name
=JSON.VALUE(JSON(A1),"Customer","Kids", 1)MaryValue at Customer.Kids[1]
=JSON.VALUE(JSON(A1),"Customer","Kids", "Name")#NAInvalid json path