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Version: Streamsheets 2.4

Release Notes

We will never stop improving Streamsheets. Stay up to date with our release notes.

star = enterprise feature



  • Bug fixes
  • Shapes: Can now also use number formating
  • App files: Have a new UI star


  • New Integration: Slack star
  • Bracket highlighting in functions: Brackets are highlighted, when within a function
  • New function: GETCLIENTCOUNT() shows the amount of clients using an app.
  • GraphQL: Added further GraphQl information star
  • HTTP Server/Webhook Server: Added a new way to use Streamsheets as a HTTP/Webhook server. Now works without Streams and can be accessed over the app side menu. HTTP Server only for star .



  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements Front End
  • Updated buster base image


  • New Chart: Added further map chart. star
  • New OS Functions: CRYPTO.HMAC(); CRYPTO.HASH()
  • New Integrations: Added two integrations for the APIs of the Open Weather Map and SMS77. Available as functions in the sheet. star
  • New View Mode
  • New Shape Menu
  • GraphQL: Shared App URL is now accessible via GraphQL star



  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


  • New Charts: Added further chart types. (Boxplot, Waterfall) star
  • New Functions: OPENURL(); TABLEGET(); TABLEUPDATE();


(released August 21, 2020) 2.0 milestone for Eclipse release.


  • UI: New User Interface Design
  • Menu Structure: Streams are now part of the main Dashboard
  • Wording: "Stream Machines" --> "Apps & Services"
  • Bug fixes
  • Touch displays: better touch experience


  • Stream Wizard: Streams can now be added/adjusted without leaving the Streamsheet
  • New Functions: JSON.VALUE(); AWAIT(); SLEEP(); OUTBOX.GETIDS()
  • New Charts: Added stock, funnel and combination charts star


(released April 30, 2020) First milestone for Eclipse release.


  • Performance: Performance improvements client side
  • User Management: Improvement of Enterprise UM
  • Bug fixes
  • Import Improved: Reworked the import feature to be easier to use
  • GraphQL API Improved: Extended GraphQL API to allow better integration of external systems
  • Stream Connect Improved: Improved the reconnect logic for connections
  • Started code migration to TypeScript: Some components were migrated to TypeScript.
  • Webhooks improved: Define Webhooks in Streamsheets that can be called from external applications or services via HTTP.


  • User Roles: Users can be assigned admin, developer and viewer roles; Admins can manage users and their roles; Admins & Developers can create, modify and delete stream machines and streams; Viewers can by default view and interact with stream machines but not edit them. For viewer interaction specific elements can be defined in the sheet by an admin or developer. star
  • Workspaces: Added Workspaces; Each user can be assigned to several Workspace as well as given a roles within these Workspaces; star
  • InfluxDB Support: Connect to influx databases and store/query data using the new functions: INFLUX.STORE() and INFLUX.SELECT() star
  • InfluxDB Export: Selcet data from an influx database and save to disk. This data can then also be downloaded as a csv file via the export button of the machine toolbar. star
  • PDF Generation (basic): Take a screenshot of the current stream machine and download it as pdf. star
  • Chart Module Refactoring: New Chart Module.
  • Sharing machines via link: The toolbar got a new button to share a machine with others. With this link any user can open and view, but not edit, the machine. The link can also be an expiration date. star
  • Custom Machine Tile Images: Give your stream machines custom images to represent them in the tile view in the dashboard.
  • Unpersistent query functions: TIME.STORE(); TIME.QUERY()
  • JSON.PROCESS(): This function allows you to process large messages more effectively. This is especially true if looping at at the granular key-value pair level is not an option. star
  • Extendable Gateway: New plugin system to further customize the user management
  • Additional Chart Types: Improvement of enterprise Charts


(released Januar 20, 2020)


  • Enterprise: Implemented further enterprise features
  • Performance: Performance improvements Server/Client side
  • User Management: started rework of user administration
  • Docker: Streamsheets now runs in only one docker container.
  • Sample Machines: Added two sample machines
  • Bug fixes
  • Mosquitto Broker: Added randomly generated password. For more informations click here.
  • Database: We had some structural changes in the database. This is why we urge user, upgrading from version 1.3 or older, to download a databse dump in the administration menu and restore it in the 1.5.


  • Added Preview Mode
  • Functions: NA(); INDIRECT()
  • Shapes: Removed shapes from experimental mode; added further shapes
  • Charts: Added more chart settings


(released October 16, 2019)


  • We are now Open Source! Check out our Git-Hub Page (
  • Version control: We now distinguish between Enterprise and Open Source Features
  • Raspberry PI: Release of the Raspberry Pi Version.
  • Performance: Performance improvements server side
  • Bug fixes


  • Shapes: Added Open Beta for dynamic shape feature. (Use drawing functions and/or check the "Experimental Features" in the "Info" settings to activate the Shape Icon)
  • Functions: STDEV.S(); CORREL(); FORECAST(); added Method 7 to TIMEAGGREGATE()


(released July 12, 2019)


  • Performance: Performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes
  • Charts: Fixed Chart Bugs.
  • Documentation: Updated documentation and added tutorials.
  • Raspberry Pi Version: Open Beta


  • Events: Added mouse events for objects and shapes.
  • Shapes: Added shapes as a beta feature.


(released Jun 6, 2019)


  • Performance: Performance improvements.
  • Streams: Connectors aren`t able to work as Consumers anymore; added Client ID to Producer and Consumer (MQTT & Kafka)
  • New Functions: FRAC(); CODE(); CHAR(); CLEAN(); UNICODE(); UNICHAR()


  • Raspberry Pi: Pi image is available
  • Forum: Join our Streamsheet Forum
  • Function Helper: implemented a function helper
  • "None" Format: None means that in the color selection in the toolbar, in Fill and also in the selection of the line color, 'without color' is offered.


(released Apr 16, 2019)


  • Performance: Performance improvements.


(released Feb 11, 2019)


  • Performance: Performance improvements.
  • Authentification: Reworked authentification.
  • Names: Renamed "Datasources" to "Streams", renamed "Feeder" to "Consumer".
  • Charts: Added new features to the "Chart Wizard".

UI Updates

  • Administration: Rework of the administration appearance and the "Streams" edit fields
  • Inbox: Added Consumer status indicator
  • Export/Import: New Export and Import UI


(released Dec 17, 2018)


  • New Functions: EVEN(); ODD(); MOD(); KAFKA.PUPLISH <kafkapublish>(); OPCUA.READ <opcuaread>(); OPCUA.WRITE <opcuawrite>();OPCUA.VARIABLES <opcuavariables>(); MONGO.STORE <mongostore>(); MONGO.QUERY <mongoquery>(); MONGO.DELETE <mongodelete>();
  • Function Updates: TEXT() now has a new parameter "Locale"; all Feeder functions now match the pattern Technology.Action (e.g. MQTT.PUBLISH <mqttpublish>); RequestID now optional in REST.RESPOND <restrespond>()
  • New Technologies: KSQL; OPC UA; MONGO Database

UI Updates:

  • Chart Tool
  • Function Wizard
  • Minimize button for every sheet