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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Create an https request. The request parameters are defined by creating a message. The parameter definition can be derived from: . The result, of the request, if any, will be added to the inbox of the given target sheet.


=REQUEST(Producer, ParameterJSON, Target, [ResultKeys], [Timeout])


ProducerProducer to use for submitting the request.
ParameterJSONMessage with JSON Structure defining the request parameters.
TargetINBOX(), OUTBOX("MsgID") or a cell range where the result will be placed. Make sure the cell range is big enough or not everything is displayed.
ResultKeys (optional)Limit the result to the specified JSON Keys
Timeout (optional)Number of ms after the request times out and an error is returned.


The function REQUEST() always returns a unique random request ID, which is automatically generated when the service is called. Otherwise an error is returned.


generated Request idThe message must exist before calling REQUEST. It is created like a normal message, which you would like to publish, using the WRITE formula.