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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


star This is a Streamsheets Enterprise feature.

Performs a SELECT query on your Influx database. You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=INFLUX.SELECT(Producer, JSON, [Target], [XValue], [Instant], [Timeout])


ProducerProducer to use for querying. The database name is configured in the affiliated Connector.
JSONDefines a query using a JSON cell range, which contains all clauses to build the SELECT query.
Target (optional)INBOX(), OUTBOX("MsgID") or a cell range where the result will be placed. Make sure the cell range is big enough or not everything is displayed.
XValue (optional)Name of the value which should be used for the x-axis if result is visualized by a chart. Defaults to "time".
Instant (optional)If set to true the select query is immediately performed. Note: use with care, since this can overload InfluxDB very quickly. Default is false.
Timeout (optional)Defines Timeout to perform query.


TRUE, if no error.



=INFLUX.SELECT(|Producer, JSON(A1:B3), D1:F20)
TRUESelect all stored variables from the table A from the past hour, where A equals 4 and B is between 1 and 9.

Designed for Influx version 1.x.