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Version: Mosquitto 2.9


The top three entries in the navigation bar allow to manage the security features of Eclipse Mosquitto. You can define users, groups and roles. Roles define a set of rights or restrictions to publish to topics or to subscribe to topics. These roles can be assigned to groups or clients. A client can belong to a group inheriting its roles and also have roles in addition to that. A group manages the clients that belong to the group and can have roles assigned that are inherited to the clients of that group.

Follow the link to get a description of the features behind the following icons:

Manage client list and add, modify or delete clients

View, create or modify the groups

Manage roles and assign rights to roles

Create and manage Streams for topic mapping


Execute Terminal commands

Define broker connections to access mosquitto instances

Manage Cluster Settings


Manage and assign certificates



The dynamic security feature is available since version 2.0 of Eclipse Mosquitto. If you are still using version 1.6, see this guide on how to migrate.