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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Defines the data source settings for a chart series based on time series created by functions like TIMEAGGREGATE, TIME.QUERY or INFLUX.SELECT. These functions create a table in the background with key-value pairs that can be used as a data source for series in charts.




SeriesTitleXValuesTitle that shall be used for the x value series.
SeriesTitleYValuesSeries title to name the series y values field. This title will be used for the legend.
TimeFunctionCell containing the function collecting the values.
XValuesFieldValues to use for the chart categories or x values, if it is a Scatter or Bubble Chart.
YValuesFieldValues to use for the display of bars, pies, lines etc. or y values in a Scatter or Bubble Charts
RadiusOrColorValuesFieldValues to use for the radius of bubble charts and for colors in state charts.

Return Value

TRUE or an Error Code


=SERIESTIME("XLabel", "YLabel", A1, "time", "values")TRUERetrieves values for a chart series for the series from the function in A1 using the "time" field for X-Values and the "values" field for Y Values.