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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


star This is a premium feature.

Performs a STORE query on your Influx database. You can use the Function Wizard for this function.


=INFLUX.STORE(Producer, Measurement, Values, [Tags], [Target], [Duration], [Instant], [Timeout])


ProducerProducer to use for querying. The database name is configured in the affiliated Connector.
MeasurementName of the measurement to store values to. Note: its fully qualified name will be written to target range, if provided.
ValuesA JSON with key/value pairs to store.
Tags (optional)A JSON with key/value pairs to tag stored values.
Target (optional)INBOX(), OUTBOX("MsgID") or a cell range where the result will be placed. Make sure the cell range is big enough or not everything is displayed.
Duration (optional)Defines how long stored values should be kept. Duration is a number plus a time unit. Valid units are "ms" for milliseconds, "s" for second, "m" for minute, "h" for hour, "d" for day and "w" for week. To specify infinity use "INF". Minimum value is one hour. Default value is "INF".
Instant (optional)If set to true the store query is immediately performed. Note: use with care, since this can overload InfluxDB very quickly. Default is false.
Timeout (optional)Defines Timeout to perform query.


TRUE, if no error.



InfluxDB_Producer, B2,JSON(B2:C5),,E2:G5,"1h")TRUE

Designed for Influx version 1.x.