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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


star This is a Streamsheets Enterprise feature.

Performs an EXPORT query on your Timescale database. This query works exactly like the queries from TIMESCALE.SELECT, but exports the result into a file. This file can be accessed in the side menu of your App under "App Files".


As of right now, the timescale functions work with the internal timescaledb. Leave the Stream parameter empty and the connection automatically is set up. We are working on allowing further timescale connections.


=TIMESCALE.EXPORT(Stream, TableName, SelectJSON, Filename, [Compress], [Delimiter])


StreamStream to use for querying. The database name is configured in the affiliated Connector.
TableNameName of the table.
SelectJSONA SelectJSON to query your data to export.
FilenameName of the File to write the export to.
Compress (optional)Specify TRUE to write zip-compressed export. Defaults to FALSE.
Delimiter (optional)A delimiter character. Only comma, semicolon and tabulator ( ) are allowed. Default depends on current machine locale, i.e. comma is used if machine locale is english and semicolon if it is set to german.


TRUE, if successful.


=TIMESCALE.EXPORT(, "Table1", JSON(A1:B2), "Export1")
TRUEExports data from "Table1" to the file "Export1". The data to export is specified in A1:B2

For more examples see our timescale tutorial.