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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Create an HTTP POST request. Use if you want to push data onto a server from an HTTP client. Use the body parameter to specify what you want to post. This function is asynchronous, therefore the result will be returned when it is available.


=HTTP.POST(URL, [Body], [HeadersJSON], [ConfigJSON], [Target])


URLThe URL to request.
Body (optional)The body of the request
HeadersJSON (optional)Headers of the HTTP request.
ConfigJSON (optional)A JSON configuration for the HTTP request. Possible configurations are: "baseURL","timeout","auth: { username: 'secret', password: 'tops3cret' }","proxy: {protocol: 'https',host: '',port: 9000, auth: {username: 'secret', password: 'tops3cret' } "
Target (optional)INBOX(), OUTBOX("MsgID") or a cell range where the result will be placed. Make sure the cell range is big enough or not everything is displayed.


The function HTTP.POST() always returns a unique random request ID. Otherwise an error is displayed.



Examples for using the config and header parameter. Use a JSON() function around the cell range.