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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Define a graphical polygon.


=DRAW.POLYGON(X, Y, Width, Height, [LineColor], [FillColor], [Angle], [PointRange], [Close])


XX Coordinate in 1/100th mm
YY Coordinate in 1/100th mm
WidthWidth in 1/100th mm
HeightHeight in 1/100th mm
LineColor (optional)Options:
- None for no line
- Hexadecimal color value (#FF0000 for Red)
FillColor (optional)Hexadecimal color value (#FF0000 for Red)
Angle (optional)Angle in radians.
PointRange (optional)Cell Range with coordinates. A coordinate is defined by a fraction of the width and height of the bezier ranging from 0 to . 1 would place the coordinate at the bottom or right corner of the object. The range must have 2 columns. The left column contains the x coordinates and the right column the y coordinates. If the object was drawn using the mouse or one of the predefined objects was used, the given coordinates will be used, as long as no coordinates are defined using this parameter.
Close (optional)Close bezier curve by connecting the first and last point (Default: TRUE)


TRUE, if polygon could be created.


This function should not be used in a cell


TRUEDraw a polygon using the given coordinates.