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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Creates a JSON key from the given values or range to reference data from within a message. This function is normally used in the WRITE function. OUTBOXDATA references values from the Data section of a message.


=OUTBOXDATA(Message, ValuesOrRange)


MessageMessage to reference data from.
ValuesOrRangeA list of values or a range of cells describing the path to the element path within a JSON structure.


A string key to provide a path within a message.


=OUTBOXDATA(“Message, “NewItem”)
[Message][Newitem]Returns an identifier that can be used in other Streamsheet functions like WRITE.
=OUTBOXDATA(“Message”, B1:B2)
[Message][Customer][Name]The WRITE function returns the last part of the JSON Path. The value in C7 will be written into the Message at the given JSON Path.
=WRITE(OUTBOXDATA(“Message”,[object Object]”Output”,-1),JSON(J22:K24),)
Pro tip: If you want to create an array in the Outbox, use -1 as the last OUTBOXDATA() parameter. This way the array will automatically increment starting from 0.