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Version: Streamsheets 2.5


Adds the key and value to a JSON object in the outbox. The path to the key will be created as needed.


=WRITE(Key, Value, [Type], [TTL])


KeyA key to a data item, that should be written. The key is usually created by using the OUTBOXMETADATA or OUTBOXDATA utility functions. The key consists of the path to the item within the JSON object.
ValueValue to assign to key.
Type (optional)Type of Value. Allowed types are String, Number, Boolean, Array, Dictionary. The type defines the color of the cell.
TTL (optional)The "time to live" period in seconds. If the specified period expires the corresponding message will be removed from the outbox. Default is indefinitely.


The last part of the key of the data value to write.


=WRITE(OUTBOXDATA("Message",[object Object]"Customer", "Name"), "Maier", "String")
Outbox Message:
Example to write a value to a JSON object in the outbox.
=WRITE(OUTBOXDATA("Message",[object Object]"Units"),READ(INBOXDATA(,,"Units"))) [object Object] Inbox Message: [object Object] [object Object]

You can also direct data from the
Inbox into the Outbox. In this example the
“Units” array from the Inbox is automatically transferred to the Outbox.
=WRITE(OUTBOXDATA("Message",[object Object]"Output",-1),JSON(J22:K24),)
Outbox Message:
Pro tip: If you want to automatically create an array,
use -1 as the last OUTBOXDATA() parameter.
This way the array will increment starting from 0.