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Version: Streamsheets 3.0

Twilio SMS

The Twilio SMS Integration allows you to interact with your Twilio SMS account. Integration Functions always base on an Integration Account. Create a Twilio SMS account and set up an API Key + Secrect.

Twilio SMS Integration Settings

The Twilio SMS API Key is stored in the Integration Settings. Create a new Integration Account and select Twilio SMS.


The change the URLs to access different Twilio SMS API endpoints. Enter an API key to your account. This account can now be linked to every Streamsheet. If needed only assign certain workspaces to your account.

Twilio SMS Functions

Open an App and select the Integration menu in the top right toolbar, next to the connections. Choose Twilio SMS and select your just created account. Now you are able to use the Twilio.SMS.SEND() function to trigger SMS.