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Version: Streamsheets 3.0


Streamsheet allows to visualize data using business charts. There is a large set of chart types available that will be explained in four sections:

Charts are created by selecting the source data on the sheet and then choosing one of the available chart types using the chart button in the toolbar. Place the chart on the sheet by selecting an area with the mouse on the chart. The chart generator tries to create series from the source data as it is predictable. If this does not fit your needs, you can modify the chart setup using Chart Settings.

Category charts display a value within a category. The category define one axis, often the horizontal axis. So to display a value a category is needed and a value. A column chart is an example for those type of charts. Here the categories are displayed on the horizontal axis and for each category a column bar is displayed the according value.

XY Charts display a data point using x and y value combination. So the two axes are both value axes and the datapoint is scaled at those axes. An example for those type of charts are Scatter charts.

Time Series charts use special Streamsheet function to display historical data.

Maps display a geographical map and e.g. color the regions by a given value. In addition you can display markers or charts on top of the regions at a landmark (e.g. a city).

There is a complete set of attributes you can apply to the charts. Some of them are common to all chart types, some of them specific to a chart type. The common properties are explained in the Chart Setttings section. The specific settings are explained with the chart types.