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Version: Streamsheets 3.0

Execute - Calculation mode


=EXECUTE(Streamsheet [, Repeat, JSON, Pace])

EXECUTE() is a function that when triggered executes one or multiple steps on another sheet. To properly work, the other sheets' calculation mode has to be set to "on execute."

While a sheet is being executed, the EXECUTE() function waits for an answer and pauses the calculation. The answer can be the calculation step of the other sheet being finished (empty answer) or a triggered message through the RETURN() function.

EXECUTE() has a different parameter to work with. The simplest way to execute another sheet is just one time. You can set the number of executions in the "repeat" parameter.

If you need multiple execution steps, think about how you want the sheet to execute. You can set it in milliseconds in the "speed" parameter or leave it blank to put it to the cycle time. (starting v.2.3)


Setting the correct speed is essential because an EXECUTE() function waits until all executions are done. While this process is ongoing, another message may arrive in the inbox of the sheet with the EXECUTE() function, creating a queue that will never grow smaller.