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Version: Streamsheets 3.0


The IF function and the IF column are two main features of Streamsheets. It allows the creation of dependencies between cells. Because of the dynamic nature of Streamsheets, these can toggle different outcomes. Both follow the same baseline principle: IF something happens, do one thing. If not, do another.

The difference is that the IF function uses a parameter to define what happens for a TRUE or FALSE statement, while the IF Column consists of one IF cell per row. Example IF(): =IF(A1,"Ok","Not Ok")

The IF-Column is on the left side of your Streamsheet next to column A and offers one individual IF-Cell per row.
IF-Cells are a different version of the IF function, but instead of influencing only one cell, they influence all cells in their row! When the given condition is met, the IF-Cell states "TRUE" (green background), if not, it states "FALSE" (red background), either" turning on" or "off" the corresponding row.

In this scenario the IF-Cell is checking if the “Interesting Data” from the Inbox is over a value of 200 (see edit row). As long as this condition is not met, the whole row is not calculated. If at some point the value exceeds the set condition, the row would be set active again and the MQTT.PUBLISH function in B14 would send a message.
This is just one of many example cases the IF-Cell could be used.