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Version: Streamsheets 3.0


The app settings allow you to change the name and the app description. Right below, a checkbox allows toggling the outbox visibility.

Outbox: The Outbox can be used to create JSON objects. Use the function WRITE to add objects to an outbox message and use DELETE to delete a message. There can be multiple messages in an outbox. Toggle this checkbox, to see the outbox in the UI.

App Interval: The default interval can be utilized in the inbox settings of each sheet. The calculation trigger “on interval” is by default using the default interval. This is to have a globally available interval for all your sheets. This way, you can change the interval for all sheets using the default interval at once.

Appearance: Change the image to be shown, when the App appears on the homepage as a favorite. There is an option to add an App tour to your App. This can guide other users through your work.

Country: Different Countries sometimes use different separators and formats. To address this, you can change the country settings for each app, to use your setting of choice.